We are a local non-governmental organization based in Tirana. We address professionally psycho social issues experienced by youth and the community in Albania.

Our mission

To ensure and to improve the psycho-social well-being and mental health of youth in Albania and people in general, in order for them to become active part of society.
Development of scientific researches in the social field as a tool to better understand the issues that directly affect the well-being and mental health of adolescents and the population of Albania.
Protection regarding the development of policies to support reforms that guarantee human safety, including: health care, human rights etc.


Offering online counseling free and completely anonymous.
Promotion of mental health among youth and adolescents;
Meeting the needs of children and adolescents for psycho social and emotional support;
Developing the network of non-governmental organizations and professional services whose purposes are the well-being of children and adolescents.
Promotion of voluntarism.